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#12 Nov 22, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

Any success is a lot of work and a little bit of luck. Those people who have achieved something in life have fallen down, gotten up, accounted for previous mistakes and tried again.

Now I see a lot of people with interesting ideas. But not many of these people bring their ideas to the end, as a rule a person gives up at the first difficulties. Even if the first difficulties did not become a hindrance, the person is more likely to stumble into poor planning.

If there is a formula for success, it looks like this:

  1. Formulate and write down what the end result should be.
  2. Research the topic. Look at someone else's experience can be useful, search the Internet for projects similar to this. Think in advance what kind of difficulties you will have to face.
  3. Think through and write down a plan of action. The plan should describe the steps and the time that is planned to spend on their implementation.
  4. Now you should think about whether you are willing to spend so much time on this project. Think about it should be good because then it will be a shame to throw half-done work.
  5. Again, think about it. Maybe the task is not as simple as it seems?
  6. Do it. Chances are you will have unforeseen difficulties, or a stage will take longer than planned, it is expected, just do not give up.
  7. It did not work? Learn from your mistakes, change your plan, or simplify the task and try again.

#11 Aug 29, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

Yesterday I rode 130 km on my bicycle. In general I ride every weekend, but this particular distance was quite long, so I decided to write about it.

The whole route I did together with a friend. We left at 8:00, and I returned home at 21:00. We went there on our own, and back on the train.

By the way, it's beautiful outdoors at any time of year, remember this:)

#10 Aug 27, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

Probably the most important problem of modern society is loneliness. Loneliness is a multifactorial problem, but the main reason for its occurrence is the withdrawal of communication online.

As a rule nowadays loneliness is not a conscious choice, but a result of sociophobia caused by loss of social skills. Social skills were lost due to the fact that people used to communicate online.

I wish I could say that there is a simple and effective solution to the problem, but there is not. In Japan, for example, the hikikamori problem has been solved for decades.

Although one good idea I can point out. In our village, there are regular open-air film screenings, performances by local musicians, literary evenings, lectures by different people and so on. But still, such events help not to lose social skills, rather than restore them.

#9 Jul 08, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

I went to a concert of local guys who play guitar. It's great that there are such people.

Now I am in Siberia. In the 1980s, the genre of Siberian punk rock was born here. Yegor Letov, Yanka Diagileva, Survival Instructions and others. You won't understand what these songs are about if you translate them with Google Translate. You have to live in the CIS countries for a while to understand the meaning.

Now the Siberian punk rock movement has transformed rather than faded away. There are no current themes, but there is a spirit of unity among people - listeners sing along to the speakers.

By the way, the musicians perform in the regular square. And they don't charge for their performance, so admission is free.

#8 Jun 23, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

I am beginning to think more and more that the justice system has an implicit but serious flaw. It does not work the same for everyone. But in today's world, the law is the same for everyone, the careful reader will tell you. What then do I see as the problem?

First. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers and other participants in the process are human beings, so it is inherent to them as to all people to make mistakes. There have been cases when an innocent person has been shot by mistake.

Second. There is some variation in the verdicts. This is not malicious intent, but simply human error. Incidentally, this variation becomes greater if the decision is made by a jury.

Third. Not everyone has the money for a good lawyer. State-provided attorneys (public defenders) are generally less qualified than paid attorneys.

Fourth. The three branches of government are supposed to be separated so that they do not influence each other. I will say nothing about my own country - Russia - here the principle "the law has no retroactive force" is regularly violated, and the laws themselves are so "hypocritical" that anyone can be prosecuted ("It takes a person, and you can find an article"). But in the USA, the bastion of democracy, all laws must be obeyed, right? No, very telling with Julian Assange, the USA did not investigate its own war crimes, which Assange brought to light, they just wanted to jail the activist.

Perhaps in the bright future, the judge should be an artificial intelligence, independent of anyone. That said, you can't give the AI executive power, because if it fails, it will lead to disaster.

#7 Jun 07, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

Right now our society is a consumption society (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consumerism). We consume everything in excess. Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

As strange as it may seem the consumer society has a good side: it stimulates the economy.

But the downsides, as far as I am concerned, are greater:

  1. The eternal pursuit of even higher wages. To buy more expensive things.
  2. Now people are not valued for their personal qualities, now they look at what you are wearing and what phone you use. A prime example is Instagram*, TikTok and other social networks. How many people don't post pretty, glossy pictures there, but their real lives?

* - recognized as an extremist organization in the Russian Federation.

#6 May 19, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

People never cease to amaze me. In a bad way:

In a week no one will remember this. Everyone will still be rich on Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates. The man with the iPhone will still be cool. The U.S. is still the most democratic country in the world.

It's a theater of the absurd, an anti-utopia.

#5 Apr 03, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

It seems to me that anyone who has graduated from school in Russia knows how to:

They also have a theoretical knowledge of:

No, this is not a joke. This is really taught in Russian schools.

#4 Mar 23, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

Propaganda is practiced by all states: Russia, Ukraine, the United States, China. Propaganda is not something unequivocally good or bad. Healthy lifestyles are also promoted.

Now because of the *special operation in Ukraine* propaganda from Russia + China and USA + Ukraine has intensified. Here are some common wartime propaganda:

  1. Either you support us or you support the enemy. There is no third option.
  2. Our side suffers minimal losses, the enemy's losses are huge.
  3. We fight fair, the enemy uses forbidden techniques/weapons.
  4. This war did not happen because of us. Someone else is to blame for the start of the war.

#3 Mar 21, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

I, of course, expected that some things would become more expensive or disappear from sale. For example: imported medicines, tea, sweets, smartphones, and many other things. But how did this happen with printer paper?

The forest and the factories are in Russia. It turns out that it is all about imported Finnish chemicals.

Today I walked into a stationery shop. They were out of "SvetoCopy" paper, only "Snegurochka" was left. And they also don't know when the next batch will arrive.

This pack cost 700 rubles. Other stores have already raised the price to 1200 rubles.

#2 Mar 18, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

As soon as hard times come to Russia, people buy up:

#1 Mar 17, 2022 (Read at Mastodon)

GitHub seems to be down again :(